Jem Trade

I don't have any Jem items. I only have Jem episodes. I want to build up a collection of Jem stuff, but I don't want to spend money on it. So, I want to trade with fellow Jem fans.

I have all 65 Jem episodes on tape. Most are good or great quality. Some are worse, such as "The Talent Search", "The Bands Break Up", and "The Day The Music Died", but they're still very watchable.

Please e-mail me if you would like to trade. I'll make copies of Jem episodes for you in exchange for any of the following:

Jem dolls (NRFB, MIB, or loose)
Jem fashions
Jem accessories
Jem posters
Jem audio cassette tapes
Jem f.h.e. home video tapes (plus cover)
Jem Kid Rhino video tapes (still wrapped)
Jem comic books from Marvel U.K.
Jem Find Your Fate novels
Jem Little Golden Books
Jem board games
Jem doll commercials
Jem show commercials
Any other Jem commercials or programs about the show
Any other official Jem merchandise I might not have listed
The movie "Satisfaction" starring Britta Phillips
The NASCAR Racers episodes "The Stakes" and "Boy vs. Machine"

Please tell me what condition the material you have is in and which episodes you would like. I won't copy all 65 episodes unless I feel I'm getting enough in return.