Mysteries of the Jem Universe

This section answers questions that people may or may not have about the Jem TV series.

Characters' Ages
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Characters' Ages

Jerrica Benton / Jem

Jerrica was born on June 1. She's a Gemini (dual personality).

On May 21, 1984 (see The Jem Series Timeline), Jerrica was 17 years old.

On June 1, 1984, Jerrica was 18 years old.

On May 31, 1985, the day of Emmet's funeral, Jerrica is 18 years old.

On June 1, 1985, Jerrica is 19 years old.

The TV series storyline runs until the Fall of 1988 (see timeline).

So, in the funeral scene in "THE BEGINNING", Jerrica is 18. In the next scene at Starlight House, she's 19. In "A FATHER SHOULD BE", Jerrica is 22.

Kimber Benton

Kimber is 3 years younger than Jerrica.
[The Jem Writers Bible]

So, Kimber is around 16 in "THE BEGINNING" and 19 in "A FATHER SHOULD BE".

Aja Leith

Aja and Jerrica were both 11 years old on June 30, 1977 (see timeline).

So, Aja is around 19 in "THE BEGINNING" and 22 in "A FATHER SHOULD BE".


Starlight Music

In "THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED", the postcard that Riot sent to the Holograms has the following address written on it:

The Holograms
1848 Brook (rest covered by Rio's thumb)
Los Angeles, California
Based on the fact that Aja showed the postcard to Kimber at Starlight Music, I assume that this is the address for Starlight Music, not Starlight Mansion. Riot might still have Jerrica's business card and wrote to that address.

I did some research, and this is what I've found:

1848 Brooks Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012-1025

Reader Grant Paplauskas has pointed out that this address is just a block or two from Dodger Stadium, and there is no way that they'd put up a high-rise office building like Starlight Music right there, let alone put Misfits Music across the street. They'd have high-flying balls sailing through their windows on a daily basis. I doubt this. How can someone hit a baseball 1 or 2 blocks away? Of course, I'm not a baseball fan.

Grant has given me another address as a possible location for Starlight Music:

1848 Brooklyn Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026-2644

It's right in the middle of the city, located among several other office buildings and high-rises. Of course, 90026 is even farther away from 90015 than 90012 is.

I'll leave the final decision up to you.

Eric Raymond's House

Eric lived in Malibu until he sold his house.

Do You Remember?

Journey to Shangri-La?

Was a line cut from "Journey to Shangri-La"?

Apparently, yes. When I watched the episode back in the 1980s, I clearly remember Jem telling the Holograms that they have to leave Shangri-La, and that was followed by a Hologram saying something like "But...we wouldn't age." Jem then says that they can't just think about themselves. However, when I got the episode on tape in late 1999 or early 2000, the "But...we wouldn't age" line appears to be abruptly cut out. I know that the line exists, because other people that I've asked remember it as well. Does anyone have a copy of the episode with this intact?

Jem TV

What was Jem TV?

When I watched "Jem" back in the 1980s, I clearly remember hearing about something called "Jem TV". I don't recall what it was. It could have been a contest or a promotion of some kind. Does anyone remember this?