Kimber & Stormer

This page is dedicated to two of my favorite characters (and one of my favorite bands) on "Jem" - Kimber & Stormer!

Kimber Benton

Kimber is Jerrica's younger sister (by 3 years). She's the keyboard player (and occasional guitar player) for Jem and the Holograms. Jerrica is Kimber's only known living relative. Both of them are orphans. However, the Holograms are Kimber's family (if only through long-time friendships).

Kimber has a sugary sweet personality, and you can't help but love her. She's loyal to her friends (except for the two times that she quit the group). Kimber can lose her temper easily and often makes decisions without thinking of the consequences, but her friends are always around to help her out.

Kimber's favorite exclamation: "Outrageous!" Yes, I find it cute, not annoying. =)

Kimber usually has to stay in the shadows while her sister enjoys the spotlight. She feels that her fellow band members don't listen to her suggestions because she's the youngest. This resulted in Kimber quitting the group twice: the first time in "Kimber's Rebellion" to go solo (she never got around to it, for she soon rejoined), and the second time in "The Bands Break Up", which is the focus of this page.

Mary Phillips, a.k.a. Stormer

Stormer is the keyboard player (and occasional guitar player) for the Misfits. She has an older brother (by 5 years) named Craig. He's her only known relative. Despite hanging out at the Gabor Mansion a lot, Mary seems to live in an apartment on her own. ("The Bands Break Up"). Her brother currently lives in London, England, and is the drummer for a British rock band called the Bluebloods. ("Britrock")

Even though Stormer is a Misfit, she's nice. She is often sweet and friendly. On the times that she's mean, she's simply going along with the other Misfits for fear that they'd kick her out of the group otherwise. ("The Talent Search" Part 1) She also once felt that she was "nothing without the Misfits".

Before going to England, Craig developed a crush on Aja and auditioned to be the new drummer for Jem and the Holograms. When Mary told him about the rivalry between the Holograms and the Misfits, he withdrew from the contest due to a conflict of interest (he would've lost anyway). Before leaving, he told Eric Raymond and the other Misfits to treat Mary right. If they threw her out of the Misfits, they'd have to answer to him - personally. ("The Talent Search" Part 2)

Later on, when Jem and the Holograms and Stormer were in London together, it was revealed that Stormer is Craig's sister, which everyone accepts. ("Britrock")

Between those two incidents, Stormer quit the Misfits.

The Bands Break Up

One day, Jem and the Holograms were practicing at Starlight Mansion. Kimber wanted them to try out a new song she had written. She wanted to play a ballad, rather than another love song. They wouldn't listen to her. A joke from Aja caused Kimber to kick her keyboard over and storm out the door.

At the same time, at Misfits Music, Stormer was playing some new music she had composed. The other Misfits didn't like it and thought it was junk. Stormer insisted that they get serious. When they started goofing off, Stormer realized that they never cared about her, yelled at them, and stormed out the door.

The Making of a Band and a Friendship

Kimber and Stormer both happened to end up at a club called The Scene that evening. What they were doing prior to that is unknown, but perhaps their rehearsal sessions took place close to sundown.

Kimber ordered a "peach thick shake - really thick", and Stormer ordered a "vanilla cola - make it a double - and a hot fudge sundae - three scoops - with a banana". They both noticed each other and traded insults.

When the owner of the club noticed them, she had the spotlight shine on them and had the audience applaude in an attempt to get them both on stage. Kimber and Stormer reluctantly agreed, saying it wouldn't change anything between them.

It just so happened that Stormer's music was a slow ballad in G and was just the music Kimber wanted for her new lyrics. The result was their hit song, "I'm Okay".

They performed the song with the Limp Lizards, who they apparently both like. The audience loved it. The owner of The Scene asked Kimber and Stormer to come back tomorrow. They both agreed, happy to be performing together.

The next evening, Kimber was putting on make-up in a new style. She refused to tell Jerrica what was on her mind or where she was going. When Stormer drove by in her car, Kimber didn't tell Jerrica who was picking her up.

The Trap

After performing at The Scene for some amount of nights, a promoter named Dave Daniels offered them a recording contract. He even offered them money to make their first record if they offer him something as collateral (just in case they don't finish the record). He says they'd make a lot of money and got Kimber to offer up her half of Starlight Music. Kimber and Stormer signed the contract. (Here we learn that Kimber is left-handed, but we can't tell what hand Stormer is writing with.)

Unknown to them, however, was that Dave Daniels was working for Misfits manager Eric Raymond. Eric was trying to get back his half of Starlight Music, which he lost in the Battle of the Bands shortly before Jerrica fired him.

Later on, Kimber and Stormer appeared on "The Lindsey Pierce Show" and talked about the 3 new songs they cowrote for tomorrow night's concert. Stormer described them as "real meaningful and sensitive", and Kimber described them as "real strong, hard, driving". Finding out that Kimber and Stormer were together angered Pizzazz and Jerrica.

At The Scene, Lindsey introduced Kimber and Stormer to an enthusiastic audience. But then Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits entered the club and sang "Bad Influence". Despite their attempts, they couldn't get their band members back, and Kimber and Stormer declared their friendship for each other.

Back at Starlight Mansion, Jerrica searched Kimber's room for the contract (Kimber had mentioned it to her at the club) and found it. Kimber entered her room. Jerrica was shocked that Kimber had risked her half of Starlight Music, and if their record wasn't a hit, it would go to Can't Dance Music. She told Kimber that Eric owned Can't Dance, which surprised Kimber, but she was still mad at Jerrica and told her they'd have a hit.

Probably the next day, Kimber and Stormer went to Flash! Recording Studio and had a bunch of problems: bad backup vocalists, arguments over how fast or slow they want a passage, tapes breaking, and a lousy performance (and possibly other problems).

They went back to Starlight Mansion and hung out in the kitchen. Kimber made a drink for herself, and Stormer made a sundae. Stormer suggested asking for help. Kimber insisted they had to do it themselves, or everyone would laugh at them.

That night, Jem and the Holograms gave a lackluster performance at a club. They then realized how much they needed Kimber.

The next day, Kimber and Stormer went to Flash! to lay down Stormer's voice track on the album. They overheard their recording engineer talking with Eric Raymond on the phone about Eric's plan. Kimber told off Eric and fired the engineer. That left them with the task of finding a new engineer.

The Temptation

The Misfits realized that they needed Stormer, so they bought her a Porsche and got credit cards for her. Stormer gave in to the temptation. She went to Flash! and left a note for the recording enginner. She then went on a shopping spree.

When Kimber arrived at the recording studio, the engineer gave her the note, which upset her.

Back in Stormer's apartment, Stormer looked at a photo of herself and Kimber that they had taken. She felt ashamed at herself for what she had done.

Kimber went to Misfits Music to give in to Eric, but Stormer arrived with the finished tape. Kimber was delighted. Stormer had realized that Kimber's friendship was more important than anything the Misfits ever gave her. Eric told them he wouldn't promote their record, and unless it was a hit, Kimber's half of Starlight Music would still be his.

The Triumph

After leaving Eric's office, Kimber admitted she didn't know anything about business. Stormer said they needed help. So, they went to Starlight Mansion and talked with Jerrica in the kitchen. Jerrica admitted that she and the other Holograms did take Kimber for granted, but she also said they loved her and agreed to help. They welcomed Kimber back to the group.

Over the next few days, they packaged, promoted, and mass-produced Kimber & Stormer's first album, "Back to Back". Pictures were taken, and posters were hung around the city. Kimber and Stormer even autographed the albums for fans in a music store. (Here, they're both right-handed.)

The album did really well, going double platinum. Kimber and Stormer were featured in lots of rock magazines.

At Starlight Mansion, Jerrica, the Holograms, and Stormer celebrated. Jerrica even offered to make Stormer a Hologram. Unfortunately, the Misfits arrived at that crucial moment and begged Stormer to come back to the Misfits, because they needed her. Stormer agreed to return if she was treated as an equal partner. Pizzazz agreed. Kimber was visibly saddened by Stormer's decision.

Kimber and Stormer hugged each other before Stormer left with her old band.

Conclusions and Questions

Does Kimber also have a picture of herself and Stormer? Probably.

Kimber is ambidextrous. Stormer is at least right-handed. Is Stormer also ambidextrous?

There are 4 songs on "Back to Back". One is "I'm Okay", a slow ballad in G. The other three songs are strong, hard, driving, meaningful, and sensitive. What are they called, and how do they sound?

As of this episode, "Back to Back" has sold at least two-million copies! How much of the sales do Kimber and Stormer get?

Who let the Misfits into Starlight Mansion?

Does Stormer still have her Porsche? What about her yellow car?

Are Kimber and Stormer still friends? Later episodes indicate otherwise, but Kimber is shown to care about Stormer in "Britrock". Jem and the Holograms seem okay with her in that episode. Stormer helps Aja out in "The Jazz Player". Things seem okay between them in "A Father Should Be...".

Have Kimber & Stormer released another album? Surely, there would be demand for one.

To see how I think things turn out after the series ends, read the story I wrote called "Stormer Switches Sides". It's in my section in Mooncat's Jem Fiction Library.

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